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Our castles

Engineered and Registered

Most of our castles carry the Disney brand and as such have met with Disney’s strict quality control and engineering standards from design to construction.

Once we take possession of the castles from our suppliers we ensure that all castles have been inspected by Safe Work SA.

High Air Flow

Children can get carried away when having fun, and can sometimes over-exert themselves. This means enclosed bouncing castles can be a hazard particularly on hot days with poor air flow and trapped heat.

Our castles address this issue as they all use mesh and/or large open faces to ensure consistent and strong air flow and cooling.

Aid in Supervision

Many enclosed castles have few open viewing points, meaning children might not not be seen when injured, fighting, or getting up to general mischief. Our castles use safety mesh to avoid these 'adult blind-spots' so the supervisor can see all children, at all times.